Stuart Bradley

Position: Laboratory Manager

General interests

I have always been interested in the Sciences and my first degree was in “The Physics of Natural Resources” at Salford University – before several of the other ERL staff were born! I then spent ten years as a seismic data processor based overseas and saw quite a bit of the world. To get myself back where I wanted to be I did a masters in Environmental Science at Lancaster and ended up at Stirling following a couple of years assisting PhD students at Lancaster with their fieldwork. I have had a very interesting and changing roll at StirlingUniversity since 1995, initially as a fieldwork support technician with a little radiometric work thrown in, and more latterly with the radiometric side dominating. I have helped the ERL to grow from one HPGe detector with a small in a small lab to a UKAS accredited lab with 6 HPGe detectors, plus NaI detectors, a Total Alpha-Beta counter, and a Beta Scintillation counter among other things! The variety of work keeps things interesting. We have had projects looking at erosion and deposition rates, dose rates from particles, sediment movement in estuaries, background pollution levels, and radium particle digestion among other things. Sample collection, doserate surveys, radiation mapping, and in-situ HPGe detector work get me out of the lab and in the field from time to time.

To find out more about me visit my Stirling University page.

 Academic background

BSc IIii           Physics of Natural Reources   Salford University (1978-1981)

MSc                 Environmental Science           Lancaster University (1990-91)


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Beresford, N.A., Barnett, C.L., Howard, B.J., Howard, D.C., Wells, C., Tyler, A.N., Bradley, S., Copplestone, D. (2012). Observations of Fukushima fallout in Great Britain, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. 114, 48–53. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvrad.2011.12.008

Gilvear, D; Bradley, S (1997) Geomorphological adjustment of a newly engineered upland sinuous gravel-bed river diversion: Evan Water, Scotland. Regulated Rivers-Research & Management. 13(4): 377-389