The Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory (ERL) has over 20 years of experience in monitoring and sampling radioactivity in the environment.

Please click the following UKAS link for full details of the ERL accreditation 2751(

Quality assurance is important to us at ERL and since 2006 we have operated under ISO 17025:2017 accreditation (UKAS Testing Lab 2751), which enables us to sample, prepare and analyse through laboratory
gamma-ray spectrometry almost any environment sample. Additionally, we are fully accredited to make gamma dose rate measurements used to estimate ambient dose.

ERL has access to an extensive range of fully calibrated field gamma-ray spectrometry instruments ready for in situ, handheld, borehole and carborne gamma-ray spectrometry.

Our team is comprised of a growing number of experts that provide further specialised environmental services including habits surveys, environmental dose modelling, scanning electron microscopy and micro-scale digital imaging. The experience held within our team and instrumentation we offer makes us one of the leading experts in the United Kingdom for environment radioactivity monitoring.