Andrew Tyler

General interests

I am head of the Environmental Radioactivity laboratory, having set it up in 1994.  I am also the Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Professor of Environmental Science and Monitoring at the University of Stirling. My research encompasses the development of sensors for the quantitative assessment of environmental radioactivity and dosimetry in the environment.  In response to commercial demand I was the driving force behind getting the ERL accredited for environmental radioactivity monitoring related in 2005 for research, development and monitoring, under ISO17025 accreditation.  My research also includes the use of latest generation Earth observation technologies for the quantitative assessment and impact of environmental pollutants (radioactive & nutrient) in aquatic and terrestrial environments, along with the assessment of their impacts on human health.

To find out more about me visit my Researchgate page and/or my Stirling University page.

Academic background

2016-               Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Natural Sciences

2013-               Professor of Environmental Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences

2011-2016       Head of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences

2008-2013       Reader:  School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling

2003-2008       Senior Lecturer: School of Biological & Environmental Sciences, University of Stirling

1994-2003       Lecturer: Department of Environmental Science, University of Stirling

1992-1993       Research Assistant at SURRC – Airborne Gamma Ray Spectrometry

1989-92           Ph.D (NERC) Environmental Influences on Gamma Ray Spectrometry (1994), Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre (SURRC), Glasgow University

1989                MSc Remote Sensing & Digital Image Processing, University of Dundee

1988                BSc Hons Geological Sciences, Aston University


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